Friday, July 13, 2012

Trapped In Madness

Trapped in Madness

My mind lives in a realm with no edge
Overflowing pastel shades of fog swirl in my head
My thoughts flow
No validity
No strength
Disintegrating into my mad and secret world

I exist in this delusion
Between other worlds
Floating aimlessly through the layers of my madness
Neither here nor there
In a twilight only I can see
It’s hauntingly beautiful inside my mind

I cannot leave my asylum
The portal is strong and covered in vines
The rusty handle locked in crusty rust
It’s impenetrable
I cannot pass through
I am forever a prisoner in my own perception

I am told I have to leave this haven
But I cannot find my way
I take a step
But the ground falls away
I fall and fall,…
Back into my world


Bengal said...

Beautifully written, yet sad. I do know how you feel though.
Wishing you hope, happiness and peace.

Sid said...

I really like the creative way you've described the mental world in which you live. Sadly I can relate.

Anonymous said...

I compare the mental health thing to the collliseum where we are the gladiators and the medical staff are the emperors. You never quite know what they might throw at you. Though it has come a long way now. It still has much to get better about.

The poem speaks clearly and passionately about something I can relate to. Sometimes it is nice to know we aren't alone but sometimes I wish others didn't have to feel the bite of MI.