Thursday, May 17, 2012

Let bygones be bygones

After my Mom passed away, life changed. Suddenly, the people you loved and counted on were not there. A huge chunk of your life now no longer existed. The family home,… The holidays,… The “family” was no longer there. To me,… It all just felt so broken. Because of some things that had gone on in the past, my brothers and I had gone our separate ways and weren’t in each other’s lives. It was very lonely.
But once Mom passed away, I think Glen and I realized that all we had left was each other. I knew in my heart my parents would be disappointed if the family was no longer together. My brother and I loved our parents enough that as a gift to them, we choose to put our past behind us and reconcile our relationship. We knew what that would mean for our parents. And in doing this,… we were blessed with a gift to ourselves that we didn’t realize was even there. We found a bond together. We decided to just forget the past and focus on the future.
In doing this I have discovered a wonderful person in my brother. We have reconnected and are now rediscovering each other as people. I can honestly say that I am a richer person for it.. He has carved out a great life for himself and his family. I am so proud of the achievements he has accomplished and the person he has become.
And I am grateful to him for accepting me back into his life as I am. He has totally understood my health issues and has accepted them as “me”. He encourages me to do my best but understands when there are days I can’t’.  Just accepting me as “me” has meant a great deal.  There have not been many people in my life who have done that. It’s a refreshing relief to be able to live my life honestly and not have to keep making excuses for the bad days.
I’m pretty sure that Glen and I will remain great friends for the remainder of our lives now. I consider this a gift and am grateful for it.
Happy Birthday Glen!! I love you tons,…


Kristy said...

How Wondeful

Rob-bear said...

Wow! This is great. So happy for you.

Suzie said...

This was nice to read. I hope my kids w/o mental illness will accept my son who has mental illness when I am gone. Right now they are pretty angry and disappointed with him.
Thank you for sharing.

Borderline Lil said...

So happy for you both xx

Anonymous said...

I am so happy for the both of you and hope it is a gift that glitters brightly in the future. My dad died in 2001. Our family died with him. The holidays we spend with anyone but each other. Each one a painful reminder of what we lost and will never have again. It's not just the loss of our father but of each other. For years now I have tried to connect when I can with my sisters. When I heard via someone else my baby sister was pregnant (after throwing hurt aside) I painted pictures for the baby. Animals that looked like what they were suppose to for once. I bought things for the baby and even then the silence remained. It is not easy to walk away and yet if I don't the constant pain and reminder is almost too much to bear. I still hope one day we will be a family of sorts again. Then again that might wishing the moon to be really made of swiss cheese too.