Monday, July 18, 2011

Feeling a touch better

I'm feeling a bit better today. Not only did I manage a shower but I have done 3 loads of laundry as well. But it's 35 degrees and humid as hell here right now so I think I'm done for the day doing anything else. It's just too hot.
Tomorrow I have my GP doctors app't where I go to renew my meds. I think I will tell her that I have been feeling nauseous and light-headed all week ~ But of course won't tell her why. Hopefully she will require I go for blood work so I can check out my liver. Not being truthful with her about what I did with the Tylenol may not be the smartest thing but I'm just too embarrassed and scared to tell her the truth. I have had liver problems in the past so I can tell her that it may be acting up again. Hopefully she will agree and get it checked again.
And a week tomorrow I finally get in to the psych centre for my first assessment appointment.
I am feeling better that it is now a lot closer. Originally my appointment was August 30th!!! But when my doctor realized I was in more of a need (crisis?) she called them and they got me in next week. It is nice to know that they are listening to me when I say that I really am struggling.
Taking it easy and just taking baby steps forward.
I will get through this,...

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