Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Never under-estimate a woman before coffee!

Now I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place. I got half of what I wanted anyway,….
It started first thing this morning. after a noisy night of not sleeping (what the hell do they DO up there????) I was awoken by the delivery guys bringing my fridge. (yeah – kinda). The landlords wife was with them. I had just woken up and hadn’t even started the fire (so was freezing) but worst,… hadn’t had my coffee. A fate worse than death. The guys delivered the fridge but its in pieces (needs the handles attached, step plate, etc,…) and also needs to be hooked up to a water source or something. Who knew? I thought you just plugged the damn thing in. So right now it is sitting in the middle of my kitchen not put together and unplugged. Landlord said he’d sort it this evening. It’s only 5:45pm so I’m still optimisit it might get done TODAY! woohoo!!
But this ol gal has been through a lot in the past few weeks and this morning I was not in a good mood. So when the delivery guys left I asked the landlords wife (who is very sweet by the way) if I could talk to her. Shes mousier than me and looked terrified as I guess I’m not that pretty first thing in the morning and the look on my face was probably kinda stormy. I did not raise my voice and I remained completely calm but boy did I let her have it. Actually feel kinda sorry for her right now as none of this is her fault. She listened with a look of terror and then scurried on upstairs to get “The Landlord”. When he came down I started all over again. I basically said I felt that I was mislead in what I was getting here in said basement apartment. Case in point,… the heating. I was factual and didn’t even get emotional which is not easy for me. I told him if i had the money I would be re-packing and leaving just as fast as Icould find another place. But unfortunately I had no money to do that. I scared him a little saying my brother was upset I was living in such conditions and wanted to “phone some people” but that I had told him to hold off. That certainly got his attention. This apartment is not a legal apartment which means he doesn’t have to claim income on it for taxes and therefore its was never inspected by the city to make sure it was all honky-dory for renting. By “phoning some people” the whistle would be blown on him and who knows what merky mud would be stirred by that. So he has said he will give me my last months rent back plus he would get “his” guys to move me at his expense if I wanted to move out. RESULT! (well kinda) I would still need money for the first months rent on another apt which I don’t even almost have. Oh hell,… you could turn my purse upside down and nothing would fall out – there would be a lonely sound of crickets chirping in there,….. So in the end,… it still doesn’t resolve my problem.I still can’t afford to move out.
Don’t get me wrong. I want to leave here. (I can already hear the door slaming on my way out,….)  But I’m about a thousand smack-a-roos short of making that a reality. And then there’s the actual packing everything up again. That was a LOT of work and right now I am exhausted. The fibromyalgia which I have tried to ignore has been a big issue the past month and I just don’t know if I have it in me to do even more physical work. I did look on the internet this morning at apartments and really there isn’t a lot out there. I would definitely NEVER go for a basement apartment again. So it would have to be a (legal) apt in a building or converted home. The thought of even looking for a new place exhausts me already. I wished I had little fairies that would just step in right now and say “not to worry – We’ll do it all for you,….” but the likelihood of that happening is slim to none. (although St. Patrick’s Day is around the corner so leprechauns maybe???)
Oh so close but yet so far,…. I’ve been stressing about what to do all day. I really do want to just pack up and get out but realistically I just don’t think I can swing it. Even with the landlords offer of one months rent given back. what to do,… what to do,… what to do,…..  The thoughts won’t stop swirling around up there in my head. It’s like there saying “go for it,… this is your chance to leave,….” but my wallet is saying “hold on there cookie,.. have you looked inside me lately? you got nothin,…” I’m completely over-whelmed.
On my positive for the day,….. I scared the guy enough that he went out and bought some diesel and fired up the heat. Although he did say “I hope that lasts through the night for ya. The oil guy will come tomorrow to put more in,..”  And we’ve all heard the “he’ll be here tomorrow” story haven’t we? so still not holding my breath but I am going to be optimistic. For the time being anyway,…. I have heat. I haven’t felt my toes in nearly two weeks. Lovely.
Now if I can just get his butt down here to sort out my fridge,….. I’ll be nice though and I won’t complain about all the rest of the broken and unusable stuff. Well, at least not until the weekend.
I’m going to talk all this over with my brother G*** on Friday. Maybe he can see options I’m not seeing. Fingers crossed then,…..

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