Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sad for a friend

We are a community. Between blogging and tweeting and Facebook we support one another through the only thing we have on here ~ words.
But sadly, I think our words just didn't do it this time.
I have communicated with LaReve on here for some time now. I have grown to care for her. She has been struggling over the past little while. And now, after reading her blog and knowing she deleted her Facebook I fear the worst has happened. I fear she has killed herself or is in hospital from a failed attempt. It makes my heart heavy to even think this but unfortunately I feel it's true.
It's a constant reminder to us all that this disease is serious. This disease ruins lives and ends lives.
All of us go through terrible, horrible dark times when we feel we just can't go on another minute. Luckily, most of us manage to get through these times. But tragically, some of us don't.

*** I don't know where you are LaReve or how your doing ~ I hope & pray for the best ****

I care for all my 'virtual' friends

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