Sunday, January 23, 2011

ramblings from a mind with no sleep

I can't sleep again! I was off my Seroquel for 3 weeks as I had simply forgotten to take it. Then I took it for 4 days and turned back into an unfunctioning Zombie. So I stopped taking it again. Now, I can't sleep! I'm sure in a few days things will even out but for now I'm pretty frustrated because this is the second night in a row I haven't slept. I'm tired,... no, I'm exhausted,...I just can't sleep (??) It's 5:09am right now. and I am
 W-I-D-E    A-W-A-K-E!!  My mind will simply not turn off. Arghhhhh!!!
I can't wait until I move & see my brand new psychiatrist. His promise of starting from scratch to find my 'real' diagnosis will help me start a proper medication geared for me and my new diagnosis. Hopefully that will mean no more of this awful Seroquel!
And that is my rant for this evening,... er I mean morning,.... I feel better already.  :-)

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