Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Feeling a bit better

Well, I'm feeling a bit better today. I went to my credit cards bank and begged them to give me an advance on my credit card to pay for my move. They refused. But, (and how embarrassing) I lost it and started to cry. The woman called in the supervisor and after hearing my situation she reluctantly agreed to give me the money. I am sooooo relieved. This has been the biggest stresser to me. Now I know I CAN move so that takes away a lot of that stress.
This morning I went out and brought a bunch of stuff to the charity shop that I know I won't be able to bring with me (I have to move to much smaller accommodation) It's hard handing over your personal things to a charity shop but in the end it is just stuff, right? I'm trying to streamline my personal belongings to the bare necessities. I'm going from a two bedroom flat with storage to a bachelor flat with no storage at all. So about half of my furniture and stuff has to go. :-(  But right now I am so relieved that I won't be out on the street I don't care about my belongings.
It's going to be hard to look for a flat three and a half hours away when I have no where to stay overnight while I'm looking. I can't afford a hotel so I will have to do a lot of driving in one long day. i will probably leave here at 5 in the morning ~ get to where I'm looking for a flat around 8:30 or so. I will book as many apartment viewings as I can in that day and then leave to drive back home late that evening. I just hope I find something in that one day. Last time I looked for a flat it took weeks.
I also went around town getting boxes so I can start packing right away. I hate moving. I have done it way too many times so i have it down to an art but it is sooooo much work and I'm not young anymore. I'm 47. And I have fibromyalgia so I get very sore quite easily. I have no one here to help me pack but hopefully at the other end my daughters will unpack for me. I'm hoping to move March 1st or April 1st. It sounds like a long time away but I have to give 60 days notice on this flat and I don't know how long it will take or how many trips east it will take to actually find another one so I am stressing. I have anxiety so I know I'm going to be freaking out until its all done and over with. Worry, worry, worry,......
BUT I WON'T BE HOMELESS!!!! Such a huge relief.

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