Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Euthanasia for long-term chronic depression

Controversial topic,...
I have been depressed for most of my adult life. From puberty onward, some thirty years now, I have struggled with the misery of severe and chronic depression. It's been bad. Bad enough that I have lost everything because of it. My family, my marriage, my children, my friends, my home,.... Theres nothing left now. I also don't have a future. I can't work to support myself but can't get enough benefits to survive. I have nothing for retirement. I am poor. I use the food bank, I am in a lot of debt. I can't pay my bills. Nobody wants to help me in my family. In fact, no one in my family likes me and we have very little contact. So WHY am I being forced to stay alive??
If I was an animal I would have been put down years ago.
I think, that severe depression is a cruel thing to live with. And to have it for over 30 years is even crueler. So PLEASE, society, I BEG YOU,... please let me go,.... Let me finally have an end to this torture. I want a humane Doctor to read this. I want this Doctor to contact me and tell me that he agrees with me and that he is willing to help. That he will assist me in a humane end to my life. 
But this will never happen. For some reason society feels its wrong to end this kind of suffering. But they don't have to live it. I don't understand my family. They feel suicide is wrong, but refuse to be a part of my life. So why do they care if I live or die?
This attitude and thinking has got to change.
Long-term severe depression is HELL & I should be given the option to end it.
So many people will have strong feelings on this. Unfortunately of the "No Euthanasia" variety. But I feel differently. I am the one suffering. I want out. I want it to end. End of story.


Anonymous said...

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Wicked Wench said...

This post could have easily been written by me. Chronic mental illness is much worse than physical ones, I think. I have no desire to continue a life of "treatment" that just prolongs my suffering.